Change Communications

"One cannot not communicate!" (Paul Watzlawick)

Companies are subjected to constant change, mostly due to new requirements of the market or through internal changes.


More than often companies decide to communicate changes either very late or not at all. Sometimes it’s due to a lack of time, sometimes due to a lack of qualified personnel. This causes insecurity and discontent with employees.


Employees appreciate the known and are skeptical towards the new. “We always handled it this way” expresses this fear, because nobody knows yet what there is to come.


Being a coach for internal communications during change processes, I offer integrated solutions for companies in the stages of change.

I work out a way for your company to communicate with your employees in order for them to be prepared to face the unknown in time and confidently.


I make sure that all channels of communication are being used in the best possible way and that new paths are taken.


Of course, your goals are always the center of all actions.


I make sure that Managers of all levels can convey change communicating in a clear way and with substance.


Only if managers are using comprehensive and transparent language your employees will get in touch with the change they need to face.

This means they can lose any possible fear and cooperate from the beginning.


I was able to develop these personal strengths working for 10 years in the PR departments of a well-known German car manufacturer DaimlerChrysler.


Being a coach, I combine elements of the classical internal communication with tools of the organizational development.