"Each obstacle also presents possibilities." (Albert Einstein)

Facing reality. Setting goals.

Following new paths.

Following your own path.


It is a challenge for many people to be confronted with change.


Working as a coach, I deal with people who actually want to change something in their lives or in their professional career.

My goal is for the client to clearly see their right path.


I coach private individuals, as well as employees and managers, through difficult and challenging stages of their professional lives.


My focus as a coach is on you and your issues.

I will support you in naming and reaching your goals and will accompany that process in a clear, understanding and esoteric free communication with you.


Being a change coach in the private as well as professional area, I have a deep interest in your personal and professional development.


There is something else you ought to know: Coaching cannot replace a therapist and is not to be mistaken for pastoral care. I assure you that all information given to me during the coaching and consulting will be treated with confidence and will not be made available to third parties. My work is free of ideology.